Dreams come true

Do you have a dream? I would like to share my dream with you! When I was an 8 year-old boy, I was fascinated by the old TV screen, in the unheated room of our Tbilisi apartment: then, I believed it was a miracle. At that moment, I realized that if there is great art in the world, then, its name is a cinema. As the titles were running on the screen, there was the name that dawned at me – the name proudly floating at the beginning of the list of "demigods" – those guys who created this masterpiece. This name was firmly imprinted not only in MY memory – but in the minds of the entire generation of the 1980s and 1990s: Steven Spielberg! Not surprisingly, “Spielberg” also became the nickname given to 11-year-old Seryoga who was, at that time, ambitiously showing his first efforts in editing to his friends and relatives.

…Time passed. Frequently enough, I used to be lead astray, but I always remained true to my dream – to create a movie to be exciting, kind, funny, beautiful and lively. Life is given to us in order that we could create – and this is my favorite thing. In each of my projects, I try to put a piece of the soul. Welcome to my world!


2019 by Serega Spielberg